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    We cater to the whole industry, hence we have 11 marketplaces specialized to find what your searching for, each market also has its own "wanted" board to request products and a "flashsale" board to sell your overstock.

Market Places

CLOXEY brings you 11 specialized Marketplaces that cater to the whole industry. Each market will carry its own unique `Wanted Board’ where you can request products and a `Flash Sale Board’ that will help facilitate the sale of your overstocked products.
The Marketplaces are listed below for your convenience


Buy and sell from a large selection of natural and man-made diamonds without ever leaving your office.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Buy and sell all kinds of natural and man-made diamonds in all the colors of the rainbow and more.

Colored Gemstones

Explore the massive collection of Colored Gemstones at your convenience.

Rough and Crystals

Crystals, Rough, Synthetic Rough or Mine Runs,whatever you are searching for – it’s listed here.


Beauty from the depths of the sea into the palm of your hand in the form of a wide variety of pearls.

Cad Designs

Hire CAD designers or Purchase designs and ready to caste Wax Moulds.


From wholesale to single pieces by expert craftsmen – we have the widest range of items to choose from.

Jewelry Findings

Explore and search for finding designs from a host of suppliers with just one click or make a Wanted Post for your specific criteria.

Estate Jewelry

Step into vintage- we have a world of Antique jewelry for you, from old world gold to intricate and memorable pieces.


Buy and sell classic style in the form of amazing watches.


CLOXEY will furnish you with all the resources you need. Whether you are looking for Tools, Books and Educational Material, or want to find an Agent- just list your requirement on a Wanted Board and/or a Flash Sale Board.

Total ease of use

Use our advanced CLOXEY lister to effortlessly list thousands of products in a matter of minutes or auto synchronize your site with CLOXEY; once setup, this feature will be fully automated and will sync changes you make on your site reflect in your CLOXEY Account, making uploads hassle-free.

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CLOXEY Lister - Bulk Uploader.

Use our advanced bulk uploader to upload thousands of products at once or auto synchronize your site with ours, once setup its fully automated to pickup any changes on your site and updates ours.

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